My message

 If I could say one thing to everyone that visits this page it would be "Read and Study God's Word!" 

I don't consider myself a "religious person", rather I have a personal relationship with Jesus. Human nature dictates that we will believe in something, I choose to believe in the Divine Inspired Word of God. 

Through faith, I believe Jesus came to earth, lived, died and was resurrected just as the Scriptures teach. I further believe that Jesus paid the "sin debt" that entered the world in the garden of Eden. Because of this loving act, I will live forever in the presence of God. 

Jesus became my personal Savor when I was eight years old, of course over the years I have become much more aware of what He has done for me. My prayer is that everyone will have the desire to read and study God's Word and accept Jesus as their personal Savor. 

I have found no other book as exciting, comforting and fulfilling as the Bible, God's Holy Word.

God Bless You