Daddy's Barn

I know it doesn't look like much now.  It's old, it's in disrepair, it's unused.  But this is Daddy's Barn.
He built the barn (1956) before he built the house, a farmer's barn was important to him and his family.
As with the house, he built the barn with a hand saw, a wooden folding ruler and his two hands.
Daddy's Barn was his place, he spent a lot of time "at the barn".
As I looked at the barn while I was taking the pictures I was amazed at how small it was.
I remembered it as much larger and more eloquent than it looks now.
Angie and I both noticed that it looked "different" and we decided that it looked different
because it's not alive any more.
When daddy was alive, the barn was alive.  He has passed on, the barn died with him,
and now it stands as a reminder of what once had been.